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Why rent to us?

Because we invest in your property & manage it like its our own.

We take care of everything so you can relax!

Your Problem Solved

live, stress free...

Here At Orchard Gate, we understand the problems many landlords face
in their journey of renting out property.

As a landlord or property owner, the idea of having to manage your own property lets can be a time consuming and stressful process; On the other hand, deciding to appoint an agent to deal with matters on your behalf then making the decision of who to trust with your rental agreements can be just as hard.

Thats why we offer a fantastic solution for landlords with a complete ‘Hand off investment’. You can concentrate on building your property portfolio, spending time with your family, going on holidays or anything else that really matters.

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Guaranteed Rent

We will pay you the rent in full on the set contract date, regardless whether your property is occupied or empty. You can relax in the safety of knowing your rental income is guaranteed and your property is professionally managed without any management fees.

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Free Property Management

We offer our landlord a complete professional property management service free of charge from referencing tenants, regular property inspections, performing regular cleaning service and take care of the minor repairs to ensure your property is thoroughly looked after.

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No Void Period

We can guarantee your rent for upto 5 years. Our aim is to ensure the landlord has complete peace of mind and guaranteed rental income. We will sign a fixed period lease starting from 2 years with you and you will receive monthly rental payment on time regardless if your property is tenanted or not.

No Fees

There is no set up fees, no monthly commission, no renewal fees and absolutely no ‘hidden extras’

Utility Bills Covered

Worry about the utility bills for the empty property? From the moment we manage your property, we will take full responsibility of your property utility bills and also the council tax bill.

Regular Property Cleaning

We treat your property as our own and organise free regular cleaning service to your property to ensure it maintains a high standard.

We Understand Your Pain

Being Landbrds ourselves we know how difficult it can be managing a property. Whether the property is managed by yourself or a Letting agency, there are always problems arising and at times we question why we invested in an asset which causes problems again and again. Infact some Landlords get so fed up and even put their property on sale due to poor management they have experienced which in reality with the right management and experience this can be done without any issues.

If you manage your property yourself, are you fed up with:

If you use an agent, have you ever thought about:

  • Running around sorting out troublesome tenants?
  • Having your property site empty?
  • Having to stop what you're doing to go and fix a leaking pipe and other odd jobs?
  • Having to replace broken items?
  • Worrying about void periods?
  • Worrying about tenants damaging your property?
  • Worrying about people sub-letting your property?
  • Trying to find decent, honest, reliable tenants?
  • How much money you pay them for managing the property?
  • How much money they deduct for maintenance and works?
  • How often the rent is paid on time?
  • How often you have to call them for rent payments overdue?
  • What happens when the property is empty?
  • How often the property is empty and you are losing money?
  • Have you ever been left with a trashed/damaged property
       thats been costly to clear and repair?
see the difference

Most Landlords will carefully evaluate the above and be shocked to find that they are actually losing money

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