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Difficulty selling your property?

The problem with property is that its not always as easy to sell as it is to Buy. Thats where we help, by selling your property to our network of investors. We privately contact our investors so that we can find you the best offer on your property, within a matter of days.

We provide a fast home selling service for properties throughout the UK and have the ability to close quickly through our network.

We focus on doing things right. We specialise in providing a wide range of options for homeowners and landlords who want to sell fast or who don’t want sell the traditional route through an estate agent.

Sell your Investment property

Whether it’s a single BTL or a property Portfolio, we understand why landlords want to sell investment property. With the new tax regime already introduced in 2017 non-corporate owners of rental portfolios are considering their option, with many more seeking an exit from the rental market, we are confident that whatever your personal reason for selling. We can make a far offer that works for you. You may be surprised with an offer better than you had thought possible.

After years of the responsibility of being a landlord, it can be time to sell your property and release your investments from the property and use the cash to retire, move, or invest in a new venture

People sell their property through us for all sorts of reasons. Typically though there has been a change in attitude, circumstances or income. Quite simply the property has become a burden for them, or is just no longer part of the plan. Perhaps you see yourself in that, or some of the other common motivating factors below...

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Chnage of career

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Tired of dealing with tenants

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Needed improvements too costly

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Excessive management costs

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Financial Problems

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Upsizing / Downsizing

We can help, even if you have...

  • Negative Equity
  • A property requiring a full renovation
  • High level of rental arrears
  • High running costs
  • Difficulty in finding a buyer?
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Our investors Love HMO’s

If you have a HMO available for sale, we are keen to speak to you. We have a huge database of investors particularly after HMO properties and pay good rates for them too. Remember, we never charge you any Fees. Our Service to you is absolutely FREE!

At orchard gate not only do we assist you with buying and selling your property, we also have a team of specialist financial advisors who can provide all the financial help covered from mortgages to loans and further advances.

We're confident we can sell your property

Why not get in touch fora free renew of the options available to you? Simply complete the brief form below and well siert exploring the best way to sell your property

Our offer in a scheduled oat We are also happy to meet face to face at your convenience. During this initial consulation we will be focused on what you want to achieve with the sale of your property portfolia and how best to get there.

We will openly share our insight on potential solutions tailored to you, and explore how we may be able to help you. That is probably going to come in the form of an offer from us or one of our investor. You are never under any obligation to sell to us, we don't charge fees-ever. Book your free, No obligation consultation Today We are pleased to offer a free, no-obligation, property consultation to see how we might be able to help you with your situation and objectves.

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