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Orchard Gate Property Solutions

Your trusted source for fantastic investment opportunities Nationwide.

We source off market, High Yielding, Below Market Value property deals for investors alike.

Putting you first...

Our Priority is you, our customer. We know you are fed up as us by the over price and wildly optimistic deals that are often passed around as a ‘great property deal’ which infect docent make financial sense at all.

We thoroughly vet each potential deal, run all the figures & funnel the deals we think are great for investors. We do all the Due diligence and source only the best property deals for our investors.

We source:

  • Serviced Accomodation
  • HMO's
  • Buy to Sell
  • BMV (Below Market Value)
  • Rent2Rent
  • Lease Options
  • Development Opportunities
  • Refurbishment/Flip Projects
  • Commercial Properties and much more

We know as investors how hard it can be to find the right property deal, thats where we come in and do all the hard work and due diligence so you dont have to. We help investors find the perfect investment opportunities. Sign up to our mailing list to recieve regular deals that we send via email.

Why work with us?

We will like to be transparent, therefore one each deal we send out, We inculde:

  • The property address / location
  • Purchase price
  • The specification of the deal
  • Images
  • The potential
  • Current Rents
  • The Vision
  • The Cashflow
  • The Comparables
  • The Costs
  • The Capital Input
  • Our Fee
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We all the above, we are able to give a Fuller picture of the deal available. We do all the necessary homework before a deals goes out to our database.

We send deals on a regular basis to all our investor network through email. All you have to do is, look at the deal, see if it works for you and get in touch. However, you do need to be quick as most of our deals tend to get taken up straight away

If you are after particular properties, please fill in the form below so we can send you deals that match your criteria.We always have a solution

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