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The Difference

Have a look at the below table and you’ll be shocked to find that you may be losing money.

Below is a typical example which shows the difference from letting your property via an agent or letting through us.

Agents vs Orchard Gate

Services provided Letting Agent Orchard GatePROPERTY SOLUTIONS
Rent per calender month £1,000 £800
Typical void period (1 month) -£1000 per year £0
Management Charge (12%) -£1440 per year £0
Inventory & Deposit protection -£200 £0
Maintenance Costs -£750 £0
Safety Certificates -£200 £0
NET Annual Income £8,410 £9,600
NET Income per calendar month £700.83 £800
Court Costs Landlords Risk None
Rent Arrears Landlords Risk None

Are you doing well

Although it may seem the letting agent is paying more rent, once you do all the calculations and work out their charges and deductions you are generally left with a 20-30% less. Most landlords don’t take these payments into account and therefore are not actually getting as much rent as they think they are!

By using a letting agent you will be subjected to - letting fees, call out fees, parts, labour, void periods, malicious damages and general maintenance etc...

On the other hand we guarantee your rent for the fixed term without any deductions. So you know what you are receiving each month & every month for the duration of your agreement.


So why don’t you give us a call or email us to arrange a FREE consultation to see how we offer you guaranteed rent for your property.

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